Terms and conditions


  1. These regulations define the conditions under which you can make a reservation and stay. The reservation is considered tantamount to having read and accepted the provisions of this regulation.

  1. When making a reservation a guest agrees to the processing of personal data for marketing purposes only by the host in accordance with the law of 29.08.1997. on personal data protection (Dz. U. No. 101 of 2002. Pos. 926 with later changes).

  2. Reservations may only be made by e-mail or by completing the form on page www.casabonita.com.pl which is only asking for available accommodations and it does not represent the status of the reservation. Via phone we only provide information on the availability of seats.

  3. After carefully determining the conditions of their stay, guests confirm the reservation, and then in the return mail we send an initial booking with the reservation number and the number of our account. Guests should enter the number of the reservation, the address and the phone number on the money transfer.

Payments should be made by bank transfer to:

HISZPANIA no.: IBAN: ES75 0081 0535 8700 0184 5988


Which belongs to : Casa Bonita Joanna Kuźbicka UR VISTA BAHIA, 10 29690 CASARES COSTA ( MALAGA )

PL 881140 2017 0000 4402 0387 8774

Joanna Kuzbicka ul. Wiedeńska 3a/3 , 66-400 Gorzów Wlkp. Poland


If guests need an invoice, it shall be requested when booking. Invoice data (name or company name, address, and tax identification number), shall be given electronically.

The address: Calle da la Amistad 910 , 29693 Buenas Noches the Province of Malaga, Spain.

  1. The reservation is considered confirmed after payment of approximately a 20% deposit within 2 days on the host’s account.

  2. The lack of advance payment within a specified time is an automatical booking cancellation.

  3. The reservation is valid up to 60 days before arrival.

  4. Payment for renting a room / rooms is in three tranches.

  5. In the 60 days before the arrival guests pay 70% of the price by bank transfer .

  6. The lack of a deposit of 70% of the price within a specified time means an automatical cancellation.

  7. The remaining 10 % of the price shall be paid on the day of arrival.

  8. Cancellation of the reservation policy:

A) If the reasons for the resignation are on the guests’ side:

90% reservation deposit is treated as a down payment. If the guest decides to resign from or fails to pay the next tranche, the down payment is forfeited and non-returnable.

In exceptional cases, a very sad and random case (death, hospital) the host will reserve another available date which will be agreed with the guest.

B) If the reasons for cancellation are on the host’s side then we pay you 100% of the paid money.

  1. The host has the right to refuse to check-in the person who flagrantly violates the terms of service.

  2. If the guest shortens the stay it does not authorize the host to refund the amount of money paid for the unused days.

  3. Temporary interruptions in the operation of technical devices or services – which are not the fault of the host, do not terminate guests of the complete payment.

  4. Warning! There is a possibility to lend the whole house without the householder. If you choose this option, you will need to pay a bail of 50% of the payment. The bail will be returned in the last day of your stay.The bail is a protection against any possible damage.


The room can be inhabited by as many guests as it is intended for. For each apartment there is a possibility of an extra place to sleep. Usually it is a lightweight folding bed. Extra beds are not considered as fixed equipment and they cannot meet the standard of permanent places to sleep. Inserting an additional place to sleep reduces the living space. It also involves an additional fee.

Double rooms are equipped with two single beds or one double bed. Double beds have two sets of bed linen. 3-bed rooms have an extra single bed.

The rooms are equipped with beach towels. The bathrooms are equipped with towels to use at home. Towels are changed on request.

The rooms are not cleaned during your stay, but it is possible to order cleaning and linen change.

Each guest is required to handle home equipment carefully. The host must be notified immediately about any damage.

The check-in starts at 2 p.m. on the day of arrival and the check-out is at 11 a.m. on the day of departure. Time to prepare the room can be considerably shorter during the off-peak summer season. We suggest that you telephone us to agree on the time of arrival the day before arriving. A late arrival does not authorize to use the room for a longer period of time. When leaving the room guests are obliged to leave the key at the host’s.

A longer use of the room is possible by an individual agreement with the host. It can be charged with an additional fee. Arrival or departure of an additional person should always be reported to the host.


The host is not responsible for guests’ lost items and/or left on the house area. Personal belongings left by departing guests will be sent to the address indicated by the guest on their expenses or will be stored by the host for 3 months.

Guests are fully responsible to pay for causing any material damage or destruction of property, owned by the host and they are responsible for any deficiencies in equipment arising from his/her fault and/ or accompanying visitors.


Parking on the urbanized area is free.